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Who We Are


Jen Murphy

Jen is a Wilder resident of almost 4 years, a mom of two little ones, a wife, an early childhood and outdoor educator, a community gardener and a compost enthusiast.   Growing up in a composting family, she proudly took on the role of the household "Compost Queen," although not truly appreciating the value of compost until working on farms after college.  During that time, Jen quickly fell in love with the process of taking materials that are often considered waste, mixing them together and watching them transform into nutrient rich soil!  While working at an after school program in 2006, she was able to get middle schoolers excited about compost by partnering with local restaurants, picking up their food scraps and turning them into soil for gardens. After a few moves, a few different jobs and starting a family, the time is finally right to take her love of compost to the next level!  Now, settled into the Upper Valley, Jen can't wait to get started working towards a more sustainable community.

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